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 Andreas Bausch 

Big Boss

Principal Investigator

Full Professor, Cellular Biophysics, Department of Physics, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Postdoctoral Fellows
Engelbrecht Lisa Foto.jpg
Lisa Engelbrecht
Hsu Chiao Peng Foto.jpg
 Chiao-Peng Hsu 
Pastucha Ania photo.jpg
Anna Pastucha
Vannier Daphné Foto.jpg
Daphné Vannier
PhD Students
 Fabian Englbrecht 
Heiler Caro Foto.jpg
Ann-Caroline Heiler
Hordeichyk Arsenii photo.jpg
Arsenii Hordeichyk
Hutterer Franz.JPG
Franz Hutterer
Kurzbach Sophie Foto.jpg
Sophie Kurzbach
Nast-Kolb Timon DSC07893.jpg
Timon Nast-Kolb
Randriamanantsoa Samuel Foto.JPG
Samuel Randriamanantsoa
Raich Marion Foto.jpg
 Marion Raich 
Ruider Iris.JPG
Iris Ruider
Bachelor/Master Students
  • Sandra Andrusca

  • Nathalie Huhn

  • Lukas Neumann

  • Florian Stratmann

  • Revanth Coimbatore Varadarajan

  • Bastian Kraus

  • Joachim Lochstampfer

  • Niklas Reichel

  • Timon Stegmeier

  • Yun-Ting Wang

  • Matthias Willing

 Kateřina Girgensohn 
Former PostDocs

Dr. Mireille Claessens

Dr. Joanna Deek

Dr. Pablo Fernández

Dr. Ariel Livne

Dr. Etienne Loiseau

Dr. Xuxia Luan

Dr. Claudio Rolli (

Dr. Ryo Suzuki

Dr. Renu Vishavkarma

PhD Graduates

Dr. Philip Walter Bleicher

"Molecular principles governing the organization of active actin networks"

Dr. Martina Brasse (neé Lindauer)

"Tension and contractile activity during adult muscle formation in Drosophila"

Dr. Benedikt Buchmann

"The role of plastic collagen remodeling during structure formation of human mammary gland organoids"

Dr. Henry Dehne

"Dynamic structure formation of DNA-coated colloids guided by enzymatic reactions"

Dr. Katharina Dürre (neé Henneberg)

"The mechanical role of localized actin polymerazation in giant unilamellar vesicles"

Dr. Heinrich Grabmyar

"Dual-Channel STED Microscope with Pulsed Interleaved Excitation"

Dr. Markus Harasim

"Dynamik semiflexibler Polymere im Scherfluss"

Dr. Fabian Hecht 

"Static and dynamic structure formation of DNA coated colloids far from equillibrium"

Dr. Jona Kayser

"Non-equilibrium Effects in Cytoskeletal Networks"

Dr. Felix Keber

"Dynamics and self-organisation of active cytoskeletal Networks"

Dr. Ulrich Kleßinger

"Nichtlineare Flusseffekte komplexer Fluide in Mikrofluidikkanälen"

Dr. Simone Köhler

"Dynamics and structure formation in active actin networks"

Prof. Dr. Oliver Lieleg

"Model Systems of Actin Cortex"

Dr. Matthias Maier

"Living Cells and Cytoskeletal Model Systems: Mechanics and Responses to Dynamic Shear"

Dr. Carina Pelzl

"In Vitro studies of cytoskeletal structure formation"

Dr. Sebastian Rammensee

"Assembly of Engineered Spider Silk in Microfluidic Devices and Free Surface Flow"

Dr. Leone Rossetti

"The micromechanical and microstructural characterization of the structural interface at the tendon-bone attachment "

Dr. Volker Schaller

"Dynamic Structure Formation in Active Cytoskeletal Systems"

Dr. Kurt Schmoller

"Kinetics and Mechanics of Non-equilibrium Actin Networks"

Dr. Matthias Schuppler

"Effects of boundary conditions on cytoskeletal structure formation"

Dr. Alfredo Sciortino

"Active Cytoskeletal Systems on Lipid Membranes"

Dr. Bernd Wagner

"Polymorphism of Cross-Linked Actin Networks"

Dr. Bernhard Wunderlich

"Complex Microfluidics"

Dr. Christine Wurm (neé Semmrich)

"Structure, Mechanics and Dynamics of Cytoskeletal Model Systems"

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